Perpetual Groove Releases Political Video in Time for Election Season

Perpetual Groove announced today the release of a new lyric video for the song "Break the Silence," from their eponymous album, available through Harmonized Records.  The song reflects the more electronica musical direction the band headed in with this project, but also delivers an important lyrical message in a time of deep divisions in our country. 

Bassist/keyboardist/singer Adam Perry said, "When I wrote the song, I was trying to encourage those who feel silenced or pushed aside in our society to speak out.  I also wanted to encourage others who are sympathetic to speak up.  We need to help those who because of the abuse of power are now powerless, perhaps as a result of gender, sexual orientation, race or poverty. I also wanted to encourage everyone everywhere to make their voices heard through the vote in November.  It may be hard to vote, depending on a variety of conditions, but we all MUST vote our conscience, not only this November, but moving forward as a united nation."

Watch the video on YouTube now.