About Us

Harmonized Records was launched in 2002 by Brian Asplin and Lee Crumpton. Asplin had run a small label prior and also had years of experience with two national distribution companies. Crumpton founded Leeway's Home Grown Music Network in 1995 - which has grown into a multi-faceted company that strives to help hard-working independent bands reach significantly larger audiences.

Our Mission: To team up with talented hard-working musicians and help them build their careers through a realistic record label/artist relationship.

  • We work with the artist to determine the appropriate budgets for their projects and share the profits with them.
  • Our goal is to maximize the returns for both the artist and the label while growing both into stronger businesses.
  • The artists retains all creative control and maintains ownership of their masters which are licensed to the label.
  • The artist also benefits through our experience in the industry and the relationships and opportunities created.

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