Perpetual Groove

In September of 2002, the band made their first appearance at the Georgia Harvest Festival, with an early main stage slot and an evening slot on a mud-ridden second stage. It would mark the first real festival appearance for the band as well as the first true gathering of what was slowly becoming a solid fanbase. However, the real moment came on Saturday night with the help of Jeff Dunham who put together a late night performance for Perpetual Groove which won critical acclaim and allowed the band to truly showcase their unique style of jam. This performance helped solidify Perpetual Groove as a band to be reckoned with in the Southeast. With Harvest Fest behind them, Perpetual Groove embarked on their first ever tour outside the Southeast, heading up to the Midwest for a short two week tour. The band closed out 2002 with a sold out performance at The Georgia Theatre on New Year's Eve with good friends Moonshine Still.

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