Perpetual Groove Announces Amberland

ATHENS, G.A. - How does a band throw its own festival and make it a success for over ten years? The answer is quite simple: it’s because of the love from their incredible fans. Amberland, a Memorial Day weekend tradition, continues this year at Cherokee Farms in LaFayette, GA from May 27-29. Headlining the event will be Perpetual Groove with six sets of music over the course of the weekend including a special Brock Butler “Brockfest” set on Sunday morning.

“Amberland is something that is our OWN,” says keyboardist John Hruby. “There is something to be said about that. We are ultimately responsible for all the decisions made about the festival, and with those decisions comes a great responsibility to the fans. We want to make sure that each year we bring something innovative and fresh.”

This year, the band has decided to invite some of their friends from the music world. Special guests include Zoogma, Noise[ORG], The Mantras and members of Under the Porch.

“It seemed like a logical step in the Amberland progression,” Hruby says. “We wanted to showcase bands we felt were important to the scene at this moment; bands that we actually enjoy watching perform.”

In addition, the weekend will feature live art, themed costume nights and the first ever Amberland wedding. Costume themes include the fan favorite “Pajama Party” on Saturday night, and a new theme emerges for Sunday night promises endless possibilities. "Dress As Your Favorite PGroove Song" will allow fans to express their creativity and love for the band and the music that has meant so much them.

This year’s festival will feature the first ever “Amby Awards.” Awards will be offered for best costume and in other categories. Winners will receive prizes ranging from signed merchandise to tickets to future shows including Amberland and New Year’s Eve.

Over the years, one thing that has made Amberland what it is today is its laid-back, backyard party vibe. “It started off as a backyard party, and we want to keep that same enthusiasm about it,” Hruby says. The fans take this time every year not only to enjoy the music, but also to reunite with friends and family from all over the world. Amberland IS their family reunion. Together, they’ve shared laughter, tears, marriage proposals, rain and sunshine. No matter how much people’s lives change year after year, one weekend remains constant for everyone involved. See for yourself, and you will know why so many come back year after year.

Amberland: It’s not a place, but a state of mind.

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