moe./PGroove Atlanta Ticket Information

Service fees tacked on to ticket purchases have long been a source of grumbling from concertgoers everywhere. With some fees totaling upwards to a third of the original base ticket price, it's not surprising that many fans choose not to buy advance tickets, waiting instead and taking a chance on buying tickets at the door on the day of the show. After much debate with Live Nation over this trend, moe. was able to strike a deal with the company for a special promotion on the first day of ticket sales for their Atlanta shows. On January 8th, Live Nation is waiving all service fees on moe. Atlanta tickets. Tell all your friends and make sure as many of you as possible participate. The powers that be at Live Nation will be watching and success with this promotion could mean moe. might have the ability to request similar on-sale deals with other venues across the country.

Bigger bands have taken on the ticketing agencies in the past with some success, and any stride we make as a band toward a more reasonable and fair ticketing experience is an important one. But we cannot do it without our fans. Put it on your calendar, tell your friends, post it on your facebook status but whatever you do MAKE SURE and buy your Tabernacle tickets SERVICE FEE FREE on January 8th. Remember: this is only on the very first day of on-sale. We'd like to thank Live Nation for working with us on this venture.