"Let’s hope this is only the first chapter. Neville and Jacobs collaborate so naturally and seamlessly."
Read the full review here.

"Neville Jacobs" is a fun and dynamic record, with peaks and valleys that never linger long enough to gather moss on their muscles. Rather than settling into a single sound or style, the songs grab the best of both artists' influences, imagination and spirit to raise each other up to new heights and explore a fresh range of musical terrains. Read the full review here.

Offbeat premieres the new single "City Rain" from Neville Jacobs and also interviews Ivan & Cris. Read the full story and hear the song here.

It's a big day for The Trongone Band. Their debut album has been pressed on vinyl and hits store shelves today. They have a hot new live video for "Straight to Hell" (with several cameos by Sarah Shook). AND today their first European tour dates have just been announced! Get it all here.

BILLBOARD premiers the next single, "Makeup of a Fool" from the forthcoming Neville Jacobs release! Read more and hear the single.

"The tight groove held down by Hall and Blade allows Neville and Jacobs’ soulful, soothing vocals, to soar, as their harmonies melt back together into the chorus. “Wasted”‘s mellow, yet groovy complexion, points any listener in the direction of begging for more." Read the full story and hear the single here.

180 musicians jammed with Everyone Orchestra in 2017. Check out the full list in this article at

Mountain Xpress has just shared four great acoustic videos from The Trongone Band. One is a tribute to Tom Petty! See them here.