U-Melt's Perfect World reviewed on Jambase.com

Being honest, the vast majority of studio work from bands in the jam sphere are pretty weak, a pale (if totally earnest) shadow of their live mojo. But, there are happy exceptions like Perfect World (released February 23), a well executed, emotionally honest modern rock set with tendrils into jazz-fusion, electronica, pop and the early '70s art-rock of Deep Purple and Yes. Everything about this album speaks to a smiling engagement with the material and determination to make it live in a way that's different than the stage. While Perfect World has a nifty flow akin to a good gig, there's a depth to the production, particularly the pleasing vocal arrangements, bubbling synths, strongly melodic guitar lines and the way all the individual instruments stand out at key moments that honors the positive difference a studio can make. No doubt all these well-penned numbers will morph and evolve as U-Melt takes them on the road, but like kindred spirits moe., these guys understand the value of creating lasting recorded work. Perfect World is a gliding, warmly presented record that puts them some yards past many of their jam peers. (DC)

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