reviews UMelts Perfect World

U-Melt is classified by iTunes as rock but they are so much more than that. Combining typical guitar rifts and electronica/.techno beats to create something unique and interesting, U-Melt is a much welcomed addition to my musical collection. Perfect World is a fantastic musical experience worthy of all to listen.

The album starts off like any other rock one, with the usual guitar solos and lyrics. As the tracks progress, things change to a more electronica beat with synthesizers and techno-like sounds. Ranging from three to 13 minutes, the tracks can often last for quite some time. The good thing is that, unlike many albums, at no point do they become boring and dull.

The later part of the album sounds more like a bunch of friends getting together and simply jamming, recording it for everyone to listen to. The songs don't really go anywhere specific but they have a pleasing sound to them. Perfect World is definitely an album to keep an eye out for. It sounds great and is different enough to stand out among a sea of others. Check it out if you happen to come across the album, you won't regret it.

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