U-Melt - Perfect World


Brilliantly capturing U-Melt’s amazing ability to shatter musical boundaries and transcend genre classification, Perfect World, U-Melt’s eagerly anticipated third studio album will soon be released on Harmonized Records. Recorded in their home base of Brooklyn, New York within the confines of their self-constructed studio, Perfect World will capture your imagination and commune with the existential part of your soul that responds to mind-expanding music played by a band whose creativity knows no limits.

Consisting of 10 road tested tracks, the carefully crafted music and philosophical lyrics of Perfect World shows off U-Melt’s inimitable skill in its finest form. It is a rare band indeed that can navigate the intricate twists and progressive rock turns of “Panacea," "Question Matters" and “Elysian Fields,” offer up the eminently danceable riffs of “Pura Vida” and “Clear Light” and gorgeously imbue the title track with a warily optimistic idealism. With a national release date of February 23, 2010, the inescapable rock and roll energy and dance grooves of U-Melt's Perfect World will move your psyche as well as your feet.

In February of 2010, U-Melt will kick off their “Perfect World Tour” which will carry the band across the nation and bring them to a city and venue near you. Dates, places and times will be forthcoming on U-Melt.com."