Hot Buttered Rum

In the short time since Hot Buttered Rum debuted its music, dubbed as a "High Altitude Acoustic Experience," the band has been praised by fans, peers and national media alike, recognizing Hot Buttered Rum for their 'stunning instrumental and vocal virtuosity.' Hot Buttered Rum is attracting a truly multi-generational audience with its ability to create an undeniably hip and fresh sound that weaves together the grounded traditions of folk and bluegrass with the modern influences of rock-n-roll, reggae and acoustic singer/songwriters. Hot Buttered Rum's musical evolution has not only defined their sound, with their extensive touring schedule,the band has become established as one of the nation's hottest young touring acts since setting off as a group of friends on a trail in the high sierras in the early part of the decade to emerge as a band, appropriately named, Hot Buttered Rum.

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