The Motet - Music For Life CD


A rare example of a band whose repertoire is entirely composed by its drummer, The Motet's unique blend of Afro-Beat, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Funk, and Jazz traditions defies categorization. The 2004 studio album Music For Life is another signpost in their career displaying the jazzier leanings of the band's sound. The propulsive percussion, buttery funk, and mesmerizing improvisations are intact, but more emphasis has been placed on melodic interplay between guitar, keys, sax, and bass. The result is an instrumental reinvention of the sonic soulfulness that has become the band's trademark.

Music For Life is just that - sun-drenched, high-altitude fusion that seeps into the scenery and invites expressiveness.

1- Cheap Shit 6:22
2- Power 7:09
3- Black Hat 8:14
4- The Magic Way 9:40
5- Fearless 6:12
6- Corpocratic 7:07
7- What's The Purpose 6:41
8- Them Or Us 10:48