The Motet - Live CD


Electric Americubafrican Groove!

The Motet is a touring powerhouse with a penchant for creating fresh, new and mind-bending ways to fuse musical styles including funk, latin-jazz, R&B, house, West African, Brazilian, New Orleans and Cuban styles. The Motet - LIVE! is the first ever live release from one of the nations most talented live acts. The CD was compiled from professional multi-track recordings from the March 2002 West Coast tour.

"How can anyone relax with this monstrous jazzfunkafrocubanic sensation from Boulder, Colorado tearing the ceiling out with its soulful ruminations and all-out percussion free-for-all?"
-- Arts & Entertainment, Flagstaff, AZ

"The Motet has rapidly grown in popularity across the nation, and now sits at the threshold of world music super-stardom."
-- Florida Flambeau, Tallahassee, FL

1- w.o.w. drums
2- Know Her
3- Sandunga
4- The Archer Or The Arrow
5- Scribbitts
6- Foxploration I
7- Rumba Pa Los Santos
8- Aquelle Esquina
9- Foxploration II
10- Belly
11- s.l.o. drums