Lotus - Germination CD


Lotus combines live electronica, jazz, break beat and Latin rhythms with superb musical taste and sensibility. They have created a strong underground buzz in various national markets while developing a dedicated fan base through its touring and organized street teams. Lotus's sound crosses over for listeners of traditional "jam band" music to the culture of "live-electronica" and "techno" audiences. Lotus is a five-piece group utilizing bass, drums, aux-percussion, keys, and guitar to create a fresh sound within their music.

Listeners of Lotus currently are listening to artists such as The Disco Biscuits, Particle, Sound-tribe Sector 9 and The New Deal. Utilizing the hottest live technology, such as an electronic hand-percussion unit, loop samplers, vocoder, and original mixing and effects processing, along with a great sound system and light show Lotus creates a beautiful live presence that spins heads. The Philadelphia-based band is growing audiences exponentially as they cross the country with a non-stop touring attack.

1- Umbilical Moonrise - 14:16
2- Flower Sermon - 14:27
3- Crescent - 6:11
4- Nematode - 13:11
5- Caywood - 9:16
6- Umbilical Moonset - 9:34