Perpetual Groove Gives Classic Tune Proper Studio Treatment.  See full story here.


Perpetual Groove’s 2003 album 'Sweet Oblivious Antidote' is reissued and keyboardist Matthew McDonald tells Goldmine how it delivers a different groove.

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Perpetual Groove committed longtime live staple “Out Here” to tape with a new studio recording of the track out now. Available alongside an animated video by Cloudberry Animations, the single comes ahead of the Sweet Oblivious Antidote – 20th Anniversary Edition reissue.  Read the full story here.

Today Jambase premiers the new single and video of "Out Here" by Perpetual Groove.  Click here to read the story and see the video.

Check out Jamie McLean's video interview with Marty Duda at 13th Floor Music

"Fiery guitarist Jamie McLean's new album Paradise Found is a Southern roots rock celebration filled with soaring harmonies and ecstatic solos." Read the full review here.

‘Dark Hour’ is easily the Billy Walton band’s finest hour. Despite the title, it’s far from being all doom and gloom.  It strikes the perfect balance between strong songs, a killer band and the impetus to find a fresh context for the former gunslinger for hire Billy Walton, as he impressively moves centre stage in his own right. - Read the full review here.