Ten Ton Chicken - In Search Of...


Ten Ton Chicken's second recording on Harmonized Records is another extraordinary display of the improvisational groove band's authentic style. "In Search Of..." promises to impress with an eclectic selection of originals influenced by Funk, Jazz, Progressive, Blues and improvisational Rock. Recorded at iMusicast Studios in Oakland, CA, "In Search Of..." was remixed and Mastered at Skyline Studios by Grammy Award winning Rock 'n Roll engineer Michael Rosen (Santana, Joe Satriani, Huey Lewis, the Donna's).

"Like their good friends Grape Ape, Sasquatch and Clifford the Big Red Dog before them I feel Ten Ton Chicken is ready for main stream America. And this is just the album to do it", said band manager the Colonel.

1- Jungle Cat
2- 'skLorilla
3- Sometimes
4- Horscht
5- Gobbledygoop
6- MUT
7- Marember
8- Mama's Cork
9- Shovel
10- Twenty Times