RAQ - Ton These CD


Self-described as high performance rock and roll, RAQ have been steadily building an army of fans over the last five years through relentless touring and have become known for their adventurous, energetic live shows. The band's steady rise to success is attributed to their ability to captivate an audience with their energy, creativity, and passion for performing quality music.

RAQ's compositions are grounded in solid song structures, but the music is malleable enough to go in infinite directions in the live setting. This is what keeps the quartet's devout following and first time listeners yearning for more as the audience is taken along on a collective journey. Each time they perform, RAQ gathers newly devoted fans with their infectious sound. Their extensive repertoire of original compositions and eclectic selection of covers give the band the freedom to create a unique set list for every show. The music has matured with age and experience, evolving into a sound that is both retro and cutting-edge, helping RAQ connect to generations of grassroots music fans. They continue to tour relentlessly, leaving every ounce of energy they have on stage each night and delighting the senses of the most discerning rock and roll aficionado.

Ton These ignites these senses right from the first track with the anthemic and concise "Walking in Circles." Todd Stoops adds uncompromising rhythm and texture (keyboards, organs), Jay Burwick (bass) and Greg Stukey (drums), RAQ's unstoppable rhythm section, lay the perfect backbone for Chris Michetti's note cascading, awe-inspiring, guitar playing. Tracks like "Bootch Magoo," "City Funk," and "One of These Days" will have you signing up for the Air Guitar World Championships before the last note is played. "Forget Me Not" evokes the swagger of early Ben Folds recordings. "Glimpse" will carry you down the musical roads of your memory, complete with beautiful backing vocal harmonies courtesy of Aya Inoue. Much like a live RAQ show, "Ton These" is a multi-dimensional listening experience.

1- Walking In Circles
2- Forget Me Not
3- Tumbling Down
4- Glimpse
5- Lush Of Lush
6- Bootch Magoo
7- Will Run
8- City Funk
9- One Of These Days
10- Said And Done
11- The Whistler
12- Botz

Release date September 19, 2006

“Ton These will infiltrate your CD collection and, like the oaks did to the maples, grab up all their light with its expansive and prodigious musical branches. The rest of your music collection will run away in fear from this limitless collection of songs in the knowledge that they simply can’t compete. This is the album of 2006.” - Kyndmusic.com

"A definate triumph, Ton These breaks new ground for RAQ, because it successfully deviates from the norm of favoring jam over song." - Relix Magazine