Infradig - Kinetic Transfer CD


This Chattanooga, TN-based band taps into a sublime jazz/funk vibe on this album. Bulbous rhythms, coagulating tones, and fearless exploration are found in the pounding drums, sinister keys, and mobile bass. Electro-funk groove-hop! kinetic transfer is a testament to the shift in music direction of infradig. where market street boogaloo is a definite nod to infradig's sprawling jam and jazz roots, kinetic transfer seeks to be extention of those roots, infusing electronica and hip-hop into the mix.

Re-released on Harmonized Records in Summer 2004.

1- Maroon Mood
2- Asymtotic
3- The Dare
4- Add Mass
5- Groove vs. The Ill
6- Warmilksawzer
7- Benediction