DJ Williams Projekt - Projekt Management CD


A ground breaking instrumentalist and self-taught guitarist, DJ Williams has established a unique sound in acoustic & electric guitar. Now DJ is amazing crowds everywhere with his guitar wizardry backed up by his 5-piece "Projekt,” the roots of which can be heard on the first Projekt release, Wrong Notes Write.

The newest album, Projekt Management, is a thoroughly funky exploration of jazz, fusion, and soul grooves with inherent heaps of experience and diversity among the performers. Williams’ smooth, innovative songwriting and playing is the centerpiece around which orbits a fiery formation of brass, drums, bass, and keys. With the energetic Gordon Jones on sax, the infinitely capable drumming of Dusty Simmons, huge swells and thumps of bass from Todd Herrington, colorful trumpet accents from , and masterful keyboard additions from Brian Mahne, the Projekt has truly come to fruition.

"I just hope to keep expanding and sharing what I believe is a new kind of sound that is progressive and always full of surprises," says Williams. Although they are new to the hard-touring scene, The Projekt has been presenting their sound at festivals such as California’s High Sierra Music Festival, Florida’s hot Langerado Music Festival, the eclectic Haymaker Festival in Virginia, and North Carolina’s long-running Smilefest. With Projekt Management ready to be heard by the masses, DJ Williams Projekt will soon find success behind their careful planning.

1- 4th Street
2- Projekt Management
3- Satisfaction
4- Soul Sold Seperately
5- C.A.K.E.
6- Panacea
7- Fly High
8- Heavy Hands
9- Day Breaks
10- For Her
11- Woman